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Reviews and Feedback

WORK PRODUCT - The quality and quantity of work produced by the employee.
Meets Requirements:

  • Does not require constant supervision.
  • Error rate is acceptable, and all work is completed timely.
  • Forms and required paperwork are completed on time with minimal errors.

  • Has less than a 1 percent error rate on work product.
  • Accuracy is excellent.
  • Quantity of work produced is outstanding.

COOPERATIVENESS - Working with people.
Meets Requirements:

  • Is usually able to answer customer questions.
  • Maintains good working relationships with coworkers.

  • Always cordial and willing to help coworkers, students, and clients.
  • Enthusiastic, energetic and displays positive behavior.

DEPENDABILITY - Being where he/she should be doing what he/she is supposed to do.
Meets Requirements:

  • Consistently arrives to work on time.
  • Makes sure work area is covered at all times.
  • Has had no unscheduled absences, except for documented emergencies.

  • Always at work and on time.
  • Never misses work without prior approval and appropriate notification.
  • Has had no unscheduled absences during the rating period.